More and more patients are discovering the benefits of dermaplaning, a painless procedure that removes dead skin cells and vellus hairs (“peach fuzz”) from your face. The procedure can be done in less than 30 minutes, which makes it easy to fit into a busy schedule. Best of all, there is no recovery involved.

During the dermaplane procedure, our licensed aesthetician stretches your skin tight before using a sterile modified scalpel to remove dead skin cells and thin hairs. The blade is gently swept upwards across your cheeks, chin, forehead, nose, and neck. Our Farmington Hills dermaplane aesthetician has the necessary training to do this procedure, making it safe and effective.

After the dermaplaning procedure, many of our patients notice that topical products are allowed to deeply penetrate skin. Even makeup should go on smoother now that there are no dead skin cells or thin hairs left to interfere. You may notice an improvement in your complexion when peach fuzz isn’t allowed to trap oils on your skin. To maintain the effects of this facial hair removal treatment, you’ll need dermaplaning once a month.

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